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Message from the GM: Running a radio station is mostly a blast. We do have to watch what we say on air, and we have to respect everyone's right to speak their mind within the obvious limits of good taste. And we have to watch out for scams, not just people who want to get a message out there that results in fraud or worse. Our website ( is posted on a domain that we maintain and pay annual fees to keep active. One year after paying what we thought was the annual registration for the domain name, we received another notice from our registrar. When we complained that we were double paying, we learned that we had been victims of long running scam, which was run by people taking advantage of our ignorance. The fraudsters sent us a notice that appeared to be a legitimate invoice for domain renewal, which we dutifully paid, when in fact it was a fraud. We are not the only victims. Rooster sent me a link to this post by SEO Bob Sakayama which spells out the scam perfectly. These guys have been ripping off unknowing suckers like us for decades. Read it and be warned. We now pay close attention to who we're paying for all our internet providers.


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Jackie McCoy and Susan Ramon host "What's Happening Brevard" on Monday through Friday from 1-5 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

Jackie McCoy is a long time Disc Jockey and has been in the radio business since the late 70's.  She began her career in St.Croix and moved to St.Louis, Missouri in 1980. 

Susan Ramon was a Disc Jockey in the mid 80's with Jackie in St. Louis and left radio to pursue her career in the horse business.  Her career was very successful and won many professional shows including the World Championship in 1986 with her Paso Fino Don Ramon.

Dr. Sal Martingano is a licensed, practicing chiropractor in Florida.  As a featured media expert and motivational speaker, his insights into our healthcare system has helped people across the U.S. truly understand the virtues and hidden dangers of the system.  As an articulate speaker, his entertaining format empowers his listeners with vital information and the solutions necessary to make better healthcare decisions.


Dr. Jay La Rochelle - is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery (U.S.A.) by The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons July 1992 , and practices at Brevard Orthopedic Clinic,  Melbourne, Florida.


Rooster Halway is our own super tech guru, who espouses on everything from social media to viral videos on his Blackest Hat segment. His show garnered a station record for hits on his story of a high tech service that helps remove bad results from Google searches. Guess a lot of listeners wanted to learn how to get rid of something from their past that's haunting them now on Google. The details of how they remove the search results is what is so compelling. They use Google! They improve the ranks of other results, which pushes the bad result down. Brilliant and def Black Hat.


Nancy Guilfoy, RN - A nurse for 35 years, working mainly in oncology, home health/hospice, hemodialysis and several kinds of ICUs, including trauma, currently full-time nurse in an ICU, recent hour-long program on the Terri Schiavo case for Wisconsin NPR, written for publications, both religious and secular, doing medical news analysis articles for the National Catholic Register. Spokesperson for the National Association of Prolife Nurses and president of Missouri Nurses for Life


Dr.  Rebecca Carley, MD, court qualified expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases) and Educator in Natural Detoxification explains on her highway 2 health shows the BIG PICTURE of how the assaults to the immune system lead to disease, (including the corruption of the immune system caused by inoculation of disease which is responsible for all autoimmune diseases and cancer); why the dangers of mercury in vaccines is just a distraction; and the GOOD news that homeopathic detoxification with the Hippocrates Protocol can be used to reverse ALL diseases, including VIDS.

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 Vickie Travis - your guide to HMOs and other forms of mismanaged,
greed centered, life depreciating  health care.  Vickie is a Kaiser reform specialist, President of the Managed Health Care Council and Board Secretary of Hospice Patients Alliance.  This show is dedicated to her father and other victims of health scams past and present whose sufferings need a strong and steady voice.Outspoken is not a good enough word, Vickie Travis is a woman on a mission.


Dr. Joseph Demers - is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.


Rosemary Travis Fisher is a spunky, outgoing 14 year old girl, living in the California desert.  Rosemary is ready to improve the world around her and wants to leave her mark out there.  She enjoys sports, music and her family of 3 sisters and Mom and Dad.


Breanna Pflaumer is a happy, energetic, outgoing 15 year old girl, living in California.  Breanna is excited to bring her story to her peers and improve the world around her.  She wants to make sure that the teens of this country are informed so they avoid suffering as she has had to. 

Over thirty years ago, Dr. John Rioloentered the helping professions as an advocate for the homeless. He soon moved on to clinical practice, obtaining a PhD and to higher education with a hand in research. He has worked for psychiatric hospitals, HMOs clinics, colleges and in private practice But wherever he worked and whatever the specific responsibilities he has always combined clinical practice with advocacy in one way or another. He believes that good clinical practice and advocacy can and in fact must go together.  He believes that to be helpful one must address someone’s private troubles, however every private trouble is also an example of a public issue. Doing one without the other is only half the job.

Lauren Levy is a sixteen-year-old junior at Simi Valley High School. Not only does she exceed in her schoolwork, but also she is involved in many activities in and outside of school. Her goals directly relate to working on the radio station, which is to help the society and teach others.

Alex Hagen is a seventeen-year-old senior at Simi Valley High School. He later wishes to pursue a political career, which is evident in his studious demeanor and his involvement in extra-circular activities. He is interested in the radio station to further help his peers and be more concerned for the community.




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